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Winter wellness:

Has your pet had his/her preventive care exam (wellness exam) yet? Cold weather may worsen some medical conditions such as arthritis. Your pet should be examined by a veterinarian at least once a year, and it's as good a time as any to get him/her checked out to make sure (s)he is ready and as healthy as possible for cold weather.

Be Prepared:

  • Talk to us about your pets risks in cold weather
  • Have an emergency kit that includes your pet's needs in case of severe weather or prolonged power outage
  • Consider a sweater or coat for the short coat breeds or seems bothered by the cold weather
  • Consider booties for their feet
  • Ensure outdoor pets have insulated shelter and unfrozen drinking water. In extreme weather, even outdoor pets should stay inside

Avoid Injury/poisoning:

  • Check under your car and hood before starting the engine
  • Use pet-safe de-icing products
  • Clean up antifreeze spills quickly
  • Check their paws frequently for signs of irritation or injury
  • Wipe down your pet's feet, legs and belly to remove packed snow and ice after walks

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